Deion Sanders Isn't Bothered by Criticism of His Coaching Style

Through it all, Sanders has made sure to pay attention to his own health — and that’s where his new partnership with California Almonds comes into play.

“I was a person who always enjoyed almonds for the health part of it and how it kept me lean, my physical presence,” he says about the ad campaign, which will run throughout the NCAA football season. “You’ve got to understand, I’ve been through a multitude of surgeries, so to be able to recover from the exercise that I’m putting in now with strengthening my whole body and strengthening everything about myself is tremendous.”

“And just being in my prime,” he says, possibly pun intended. “I feel like this is the third phase of my life, although I’m a long way from done. It was like Prime Time. Then I went to Prime. And now it’s Coach Prime, and I love it.”

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Deion Sanders partners with California Almonds for "Own Your Prime" campaign

Deion Sanders has done a lot of promotions in the past, but the latest one seems to be unique. Coach Prime is teaming up with California Almonds for a “partnership of a lifetime to help consumers own their PRIME.”

The goal is to bring awareness to the health benefits of almonds in a recovery regimen for athletes.”Being in your prime is a mindset,” which is the message of the campaign. Coach Prime is encouraging individuals to be smart about recovery.

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INK—MGMT ignites a revolution for Black creatives in advertising

In the gleaming towers of Madison Avenue, a revolution of representing black creatives in advertising is taking shape. INK—MGMT, the first full-service talent management agency dedicated to championing Black creatives in the advertising industry, has seen the number of candidates in its database triple since its launch last month, according to a spokesperson. The agency, created by a triumvirate of award-winning Black creatives, will focus on the innovative staffing of Black talent, with the goal of reshaping the industry’s landscape.

This pioneering agency was founded by Jason Pierce, a Detroit native and highly acclaimed creative director; Ant Tull, a writer with an art background known for his culturally resonant ideas; and Sebastian Walker, a multidisciplinary artist from Florida with an eye for the vanguard of design, fashion, and photography. All three have made their mark with some of the world’s top agencies and brands, including Droga5, VML, CP+B, MullenLowe U.S., and Grey NY.



New Talent Agency Aims to Help Black Creatives Find Jobs

A trio of Black creatives launched a talent agency that specializes in helping Black creatives find jobs. The goal of Ink-Mgmt is to help even the playing field for Black creatives in an industry that has a clear diversity problem.

The agency was founded by CEO Jason Pierce, who most recently served as a creative director at CPB, as well as Heads of Creative Ant Tull, who will remain in his role as a senior copywriter at Droga5, and Sebastian Walker, who most recently served as an associate creative director at MullenLowe. Tiffany Golden, formerly a director of community programs at Wieden+Kennedy, joined the agency as director of business development.

The founders met while working at CPB, where they discussed creating something change-making following the murder of George Floyd in 2020.

“The one thing we didn’t want to do was something that didn’t represent us and something that you would just forget about tomorrow,” Pierce said.

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Award-Winning Creatives Launch First Talent Management Agency Representing Black Creatives

INK-MGMT, a new talent management agency dedicated to Black creative talent in ad land, has announced its launch today. Built as a direct answer to performative antics that often backfire, especially post-George Floyd, INK-MGMT’s biggest goal is to represent the ‘new mass market’ by connecting them to the world’s top brands and agencies.

Based out of Denver and New York, INK brings together a trio of award-winning heavyweights as its founders: Photographer, chef and creative director Jason Pierce; Droga5 and VML alum Ant Tull, and multidisciplinary artist Sebastian Walker. Amongst this trio, they’ve brought 40+ years of brand-building skills and unique perspectives to elevate brands including Acura, American Airlines,, Domino’s, Hennessy, Instacart, and Wendy’s.



Pierce, Tull, Walker Launch INK—MGMT to Represent Black Creatives

Jason Pierce, Ant Tull and Sebastian Walker have teamed to launch INK—MGMT, billed as being the full-service talent management agency representing Black creative talent in adland. The three founders are Black creatives whose lauded work spans brands including Acura, American Airlines,, Domino’s, Hennessy, Instacart and Wendy’s. INK—MGMT brings a highly specialized and much-needed set of services: focusing on the innovative staffing of Black creatives from traditional and nontraditional backgrounds, helping to improve company cultures, and ensuring Black creatives can flourish.

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Movers & Shakers: WPP, Snap, AB-InBev and more

Creatives launched INK—MGMT, a talent management agency representing Black creatives